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IPO and Non-Deal Road Show Preparation

    - Outline, script and edit investor presentation.

    - Prepare and rehearse management team with the presentation.

    - Conduct peer targeting and investor profiling for ‘test the waters’ and IPO road shows.

    - Conduct and prepare for analyst due diligence days and modeling.

    - Provide formatting and conversion of road show presentation for posting on company website.

    - Update road show presentation, script and other materials to reflect new quarterly results, 

      new contracts, acquisitions or other business developments.


Comprehensive Program Development

    - Assess investment profile, including current activities, strategies, goals, prospects and risks.

    - Study perceptions held by institutions and analysts.

    - Develop or refine key messages to investors.

    - Develop disclosure policy.

    - Develop strategies for regular contact with large investors and bank-sponsored conferences.

    - Organize procedures and responsibilities for investor relations activities.

    - Prepare annual investor relations plan and calendar.

    - Develop actions plans to address crises or catastrophic events.

    - Define measurable goals and objectives.


Strategic Services

    - Mapping best practices.

    - Analysis of industry benchmarks for profit, operating expenses, capital discipline. 

    - Analysis of competitive landscape, key players, market opportunity.

    - Understanding emerging industry issues, market disruptors.

    - Drawing out profit drivers, P&L impacts.

    - Providing guidance to intermediate, long-term plans.

    - Drilling down on markets, competitors, product lines.


Comprehensive Consultation

    - Provide ongoing counsel on all issues related to shareholder communications, strategic advice 

      on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions and other capital markets transactions.

    - Evolve investor relations strategies in line with changing company dynamics, industry and 

      market trends and regulatory issues.

    - Consult on corporate governance issues and trends.

    - Determine most cost-effective use of management time and financial resources relative to 

      investor relations goals and budgets.


Broaden Sell-Side Analyst Coverage

    - Prepare peer group analysis of research coverage.

    - Determine additional sell-side targets based on company-specific factors.

    - Analyze support provided by current investment banking relationships.

    - Schedule and facilitate meetings between company management and analysts.

    - Organize follow up efforts to expand coverage.

    - Develop and maintain a system to monitor ongoing contacts.


Increase Breadth and Depth of Institutional Ownership

    - Contact existing stockholders to determine desired level of ongoing communications.

    - Prepare peer group analysis of institutional ownership.

    - Prepare list of additional targeted institutions based on investment focus.

    - Develop company investor profile for outreach, investor kits, web site.

    - Initiate schedule of investment bank sponsored road shows.

    - Increase company participation in investment bank sponsored research conferences.

    - Develop, plan for, and manage company sponsored institutional meetings.

    - Develop and maintain system to monitor ongoing contacts.


News Release Management

    - Advise management on disclosure, timing and content issues for financial and non-financial news releases.

    - Draft and assist in the editing of all forms of financial news releases including earnings, M&A, guidance, etc.


Conference Call Management

    - Advise on appropriate use of investor conference calls. 

    - Determine the appropriate structure and protocol for conference calls, including the timing, 

      call accessibility, supplier selection and format.

    - Develop consistent approach to discussions with analysts/disclosure issues. 

    - Prepare discussion points or script and associated presentation. 

    - Discuss anticipated questions and suggested answers. 

    - Conduct post-call review and analyze attendee list. 


Investor Presentations

    - Draft and direct third-party design resources on compelling presentations for management 

      to be used for investor conferences, marketing road shows, IPO road shows, earnings or deal announcements.

    - Update investor presentation on an ongoing basis to reflect new quarterly results and other

      changes in the business.


Annual Meeting and Proxy Services

    - Assist with determining the appropriate date/organization of meeting.

    - Prepare script for formal business portion of meeting, as well as script and presentation 

      for informal comments, questions and answers.

    - Advise on structuring of proxy issues, trends in stockholder activism and strategies for passage of difficult issues.

    - Determine important proxy dates and coordinate with the annual report production process.

    - Prepare schedule for production of proxy material and mailing.


Financial Media Relations

    - Develop financial media relations strategy.

    - Identify key financial media targets.

    - Create financial media press kit.

    - Develop themes for pitching to financial media.

    - Develop plans for responding to company crisis situations.

    - Provide continuing advice on media inquiries.

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